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Labor 2022

LABOR 2022

The Indiana State AFL-CIO is proud to announce our endorsements for the 2022 General Election. Endorsements are based on voting records, in-person interviews, and responses to a questionnaire issued to all candidates. Affiliates of the Indiana State AFL-CIO reviewed this information and voted for the candidates they think best embody the labor movement's values.

“Workers across the country are organizing and Indiana is no exception. We need elected leaders who share our values and are willing to protect workers’ rights,” said Indiana State AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies. “The Indiana labor movement has come together, studied the candidates, and made endorsements because we believe these candidates will be a voice for working Hoosier families. We fight for candidates who fight for us, so we'll do everything we can to ensure they're elected this November.”

The Indiana AFL-CIO makes endorsements for state and federal candidates. These endorsement recommendations are voted on by the statewide Committee on Political Education (COPE), made up of representatives from all affiliated unions, statewide councils and regional AFL-CIO organizations. This ensures that the full diversity of the labor movement and regional diversity of Indiana is reflected in the process. The Indiana AFL-CIO seeks to educate, engage and mobilize the more than three hundred thousand union families on issues, candidates and policies that protect and support working Hoosiers. With members in all areas of the state, the Indiana AFL-CIO uses person-to-person contact at the worksite or home, direct mail, social media, rallies and public events, to ensure working families receive information crucial to making decisions concerning elections and laws that affect their everyday lives. Below are our Labor 2022 endorsed candidates.

Indiana AFL-CIO Labor 2022 Endorsements

U.S. Senate
Thomas McDermott Jr. (D)
U.S. Congress
District 1 - Frank Mrvan (I) (D)
District 2 - Paul Steury (D)
District 3 - Gary Snyder (D)
District 5 - Jeannine Lee Lake (D)
District 6 - Cynthia Wirth (D)
District 7 - Andre Carson (I) (D)
District 8 - Ray McCormick (D)
District 9 - Matthew Fyfe (D)

Secretary of State
Destiny Wells (D)

State Senate
District 1 - Michael Griffin (I) (D)
District 4 - Rodney Pol Jr. (I) (D)
District 22 - Ronnie Alting (I) (R)
District 26 - Melanie Wright (D)
District 29 - J.D. Ford (I) (D)
District 31 - Kyle Walker (I) (R)
District 38 - Jon Ford (I) (R)
District 46 - Andrea Hunley (D)
District 49 - Jim Tomes (I) (R)

State Representative
HD1 Carolyn B. Jackson (I) (D)
HD2 Earl Harris, Jr. (I) (D)
HD3 Ragen Hatcher (I) (D)
HD6 Maureen Bauer (I) (D)
HD7 Ross Deal (D)
HD8 Ryan Dvorak (I) (D)
HD9 Pat Boy (I) (D)
HD10 Chuck Moseley (I) (D)
HD12 Mike Andrade (I) (D)
HD14 Vernon Smith (I) (D)
HD19 Lisa Beck (D)
HD26 Chris Campbell (I) (D)
HD27 Sheila Klinker (I) (D)
HD30 Mike Karickhoff (I) (R)
HD32 Victoria Garcia Wilburn (D)
HD34 Sue Errington (I) (D)
HD36 Terri Austin (I) (D)
HD43 Tonya Pfaff (I) (D)
HD61 Matt Pierce (I) (D)
HD62 Penny Githens (D)
HD71 Rita A. Fleming (I) (D)
HD77 Ryan Hatfield (I) (D)
HD80 Phil GiaQuinta (I) (D)
HD82 Kyle Miller (D)
HD86 Ed DeLaney (I) (D)
HD87 Carey Hamilton (I) (D)
HD89 Mitch Gore (I) (D)
HD92 Renee Pack (I) (D)
HD93 Andy Miller (D)
HD94 Cherrish Pryor (I) (D)
HD95 John Bartlett (I) (D)
HD96 Greg Porter (I) (D)
HD97 Justin Moed (I) (D)
HD98 Robin Shackleford (I) (D)
HD99 Vanessa Summers (I) (D)
HD100 Blake Johnson (I) (D)

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The Indiana AFL-CIO, through a convention of affiliates, makes all endorsements for state level offices. Candidates for local office should contact their local Area Labor Federations and Chapters for local endorsement information. Candidates seeking support from the Indiana AFL-CIO or our affiliates must complete this form to be eligible for consideration. If you are a Union Member, please complete the Path to Power application at 

The questionnaire must be submitted online or returned to ATTN: COPE, Indiana State AFL-CIO, 2917 Roosevelt Ave., Indianapolis IN 46218 by June 1st, 2022 in order to be considered for endorsement at our convention. If you have any questions or concerns please email Executive Director, UnoBlessed at

Questionnaires may also be completed electronically by visiting:

Indiana State AFL-CIO 2022 Questionnaire (Electronically HERE)

AFL-CIO 2022 Congressional & Senate Questionnaire

Indiana Path to Power Questionnaire (For Union Candidates)

Hoosier Heartland Area Labor Federation Questionnaire (Electronically HERE)

Northern Indiana Area Labor Federation Questionnaire (Electronically HERE)

Southern Indiana Area Labor Federation Questionnaire (Electronically HERE)

Indiana Labor Body Directory

Our Endorsed Candidate Graphics