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Path to Power Program

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Our Vision for a Path to Power

Brothers and Sisters,

Elected officials in Indiana, whether it be at the local, state, or federal level, have significantly weakened working peoples' chances to live the American dream. Over the years, Hoosier workers have faced attacks such as collective bargaining rights being stripped from state employees, the passage of right to work, and the banning of project labor agreements. 

That's why the Indiana State AFL-CIO, our affiliates, and our partners have banded together and developed a program to recruit, train, and support our own to run for public office. 

Together, we can be successful in restoring fairness to working families in our state. Please see our Path to Power candidates below and if you are a union member that wants to run for office, read more about our program here. 

In solidarity,

Brett Voorhies, Indiana State AFL-CIO President