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Resolution #3: Attacks on Federal Workers

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WHEREAS, federal employees are under attack by the House, Senate, and current Administration to cut federal employee pay, shift health care cost to the employee, and forcing federal employees to pick up more of their retirement cost, and;

WHEREAS, federal employees have given $182,000,000 toward deficit reduction through pay cuts, pay freezes, sequestration, cuts to their retirement and health care, and government shutdowns, and;

WHEREAS, there is a constant attempt by Congress and the Administration to demonize and break the union (AFGE) by trying to take away the use of official time and dues deduction.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Indiana State AFL-CIO will work in the 2018 elections to help elect more worker friendly candidates and those that support unions.

AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Indiana State AFL-CIO will continue to stand with federal employees and continue to educate the entire labor movement about the attacks they face.

Submitted by: Arnold Scott, Vice President, Indiana State AFL-CIO, AFGE