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Resolution #7: Ensuring Equality in the Workplace

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WHEREAS, organized labor has a long and proud history of fighting to expand the rights of all workers; and,

WHEREAS, our unions have always advocated for workers being judged on their ability to perform their jobs rather than on age, race, gender, creed or any other factor; and,

WHEREAS, in Indiana today a worker who is meeting job performance expectations can be legally fired because of who they love; and,

WHEREAS, for decades unions have fought against this type of discrimination through collective bargaining agreements as well as to provide benefits for our members’ spouses and partners because it is the right thing to do; and,

WHEREAS, the current Vice President and former Governor Mike Pence and the Republican leadership in the Statehouse brought embarrassment and scorn to Indiana’s reputation as a result of their so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act law which has harmed our economy and image; and,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Indiana State AFL-CIO calls for and will fully support the expansion of Indiana’s civil rights law in the 2018 Indiana General Assembly session in order to protect our LGBT brothers and sisters from future employment discrimination and termination based on whom they love.

Submitted by: Tony Flora, Vice President, Indiana AFL-CIO, NALC